The thumbnail of The Start of the Dilemma (Mario Maker Ep- 1)

The thumbnail of "The Start of the Dilemma (Mario Maker Ep: 1)"

The Mario Maker Dual-Series Fiasco of 2017 was a minor scandal that occured on the YouTube channel of DeJank Dilemmas, following the creation of a second series of vidoes where Tim and JT play Super Mario Maker. The Fiasco began on  Dec 9, 2016, when DeJankless...(Mario Maker Ep. 1) was posted to DeJank Dilemma's YouTube page. A previous video, in fact DeJank Dilemma's first video, was similarly titled The Start of the Dilemma (Mario Maker Ep: 1), leading to confusion between the two.

The only difference between the two series is that the 2-part defunct series abbreviated "Episode" as "Ep: x", whereas the current series abbreviates "Episode" to "Ep. 1". As of August 2017, DeJank Dilemmas has made no official comment on the Fiasco.